Your Next Masterclass

22nd - 25th March 2021 Online

995 NZ$ + GST

925 AU$


Places are strictly limited. 

Giving you the insight and tools to grow your income

Great Fundraising organisations achieve transformational financial growth, cultural alignment for their organisations and increase their ability to deliver their mission.


If you would like to become a Great Fundraising organisation, this is the seminar for you.


The Great Fundraising Masterclass is your outstanding opportunity to learn the cultural, behavioural and leadership approaches you need to deliver transformational, sustainable, mission-driven income growth that meets the needs of your donors.

Working with Alan and the team at PFI was a pivotal moment in the development of our fundraising. The fundraising masterclass is exceptional – a practical blend of proven theory, and creative work in an emotional space, that gives you everything you need to super charge your fundraising.

Nick Carroll, Together for Short Lives, UK

Great Fundraising is hard to achieve, but it works. By attending the Great Fundraising Masterclass, you’ll start a journey to develop inspirational leadership skills, creative communications and the cultural change your organisation needs to reach significant heights in income growth.

Clients who attend the Great Fundraising Masterclass gain clarity on how to achieve massive income growth and go on to see exceptional fundraising results – doubling and even tripling income.


After completing the Great Fundraising Masterclass, you’ll be able to:


  • Hone your leadership style to inspire others and drive fundraising performance.

  • Unblock your organisation’s potential to achieve sustainable income growth.

  • Unite your organisation behind fundraising as a key driver of your mission.

  • Devise a strategy for increased investment in fundraising.

Who should attend?

  • Senior leaders such as Chief Executives and board members.

  • Directors or Heads of Fundraising.

To get the biggest impact we recommend that the CEO attends with a senior fundraiser. If you want to make fundraising growth a priority for your organisation than this is the perfect learning experience for the whole senior leadership team.


Learning style and location

The Great Fundraising Masterclass is a real-time, interactive online seminar that provides the building blocks to transform your income and mission. Philanthropy & Fundraising Seminar Directors use a unique combination of academic research and real-life case studies—with particular reference to Great Fundraising research—to deliver an intensive training session.


Your next Masterclass date is 22nd – 25th March 2021. Full programme