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Philanthropy & Fundraising is one of the biggest funders of independent fundraising research in the world.


We are committed to continuous learning and providing an evidence-based approach to Great Fundraising based on academic research that is tested in the real world.


The Great Fundraising reports are suitable for CEOs, senior leaders and fundraisers – in fact anyone who would like to explore the rigorous methodology behind Great Fundraising and how it can help you achieve significant income growth. 


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The ground-breaking study of why some organisations grow their fundraising while others do not.

Key areas include: 

  • What does it mean to be great?

  • What do you need in terms of teams and organisational structure, learning culture and effective communications?

  • Great fundraising leadership behaviour and use of systems thinking

An examination of the relationship between brand value and fundraising.

Key areas include:

  • What impact does brand have on fundraising and how can that impact be maximised? 

  • How does fundraising and brand expenditure relate to fundraising growth?

  • How do successful organisations manage the dynamic between both functions to ensure massive income growth?

A comprehensive review of academic literature on the subject of legacy giving.


Key areas: 

  • Demographics - who makes charitable bequests and why?

  • What are donors’ barriers?

  • What part do charity communications play?

  • The role of donor stewardship.

  • How to target appeals and tailor communications

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What people say

Great Fundraising is a holistic approach, based on evidence and research. And next to that very practical. With great examples and moving stories.

Samuel Visser, World Vision Nederland

It is a boost for your strategy, your network and your knowledge.

Nierstichtung, NL

The step change that PFI helped bring about was the unequivocal focus on becoming a great fundraising organisation - the single most important development that would make everything possible.

Macular Society, UK

Start your journey on the Great Fundraising Masterclass

Massive and sustainable fundraising income growth is hard to achieve and we are here to help.

The Great Fundraising Masterclass is an outstanding opportunity to learn the culture, behaviours and approach to leadership your organisation needs to achieve Great Fundraising. 

Former delegates have applied their learning and increased fundraising income for their organisations with dramatic results. And in some cases, by several hundred per cent.


The Great Fundraising Masterclass is an approach based on academic research that's tested in the real world. And it works for organisations around the world supporting a variety of causes. 

Run as a series of online interactive seminars over four days, the Masterclass uses a combination of real-time online training sessions, guest speakers, case studies and group work to provide the building blocks to transform your fundraising income and the focus on your organisation's mission. 

NZ$ 995 plus GST (925 AUD)

Next Masterclass: 30 Nov-03 Dec

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Fundraising Bounce-Back: The Lockdown Keynote

Need your fundraising to ‘bounce-back’ from the crisis?


Philanthropy & Fundraising International recorded Alan Clayton’s Lockdown Keynote 2020: ‘Fundraising Bounce-back’ as a free resource to help fundraisers, non-profit leaders and boards across the globe.


In his keynote, Alan shares examples of organisations that have shown exemplary leadership in fundraising bounce-back through 2020.


Alan shows how fear and uncertainty (mainly among "non-professional-fundraisers") are the biggest problems for fundraising organisations. And how overcoming these organisational fears lies with fundraisers who need to step-up and face the challenge head-on.


If you’re looking to lead your organisation out of this crisis and get your fundraising back to where it should be then clear an hour and enjoy…